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Animal healthAnimal health is a top priority at Handley Feed Store. We want your animals to live better, healthier lives.

We carry a full line of animal care products, including liniments and ointments, shampoos and conditioners, and insect and fly-control products.

At Handley Feed Store, we have a wide selection of products, like treatments and remedies, dewormers, and vitamins and supplements, aimed at keeping your animals healthy.

Our brands include Durvet, Missing Link, NaturVet, Farnum, and more.

The Durvet brand offers health products for horses and pets.  The company is committed to offering products to keep your animals healthy while providing value for your dollar.

From NaturVet, you’ll find a variety of supplements to keep your animals healthy.  NaturVet has been producing natural supplements for animals for over 20 years.  The company adheres to strict production standards to ensure your animals are getting the best products for the highest quality of life.

Missing Link offers a selection of natural supplements for dogs that are veterinarian-formulated and pet-approved.  These supplements feature whole-food nutrition and premium ingredients.

Farnam, a leading supplier of quality horse health-care products, offers a wide variety of equine essentials.  In business for 70 years, the company is dedicated to simple, effective, and innovative horse-care solutions. You’ll find Farnam products for deworming, insect and fly control, grooming, wound care, and hoof and leg care, just to name a few.

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