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Scotts SpeedyGreen 1000 Broadcast Spreader

bulletEasy to use, assemble and calibrate to make yard work simple
bullet1240 cu. in. hopper holds more than 5,000 square feet of Scotts® Lawn Fertilizer.
bulletCovers small lawns fast
bulletSpreads a swath up to 5 ft. wide
bulletHandle-mounted on/off control for ease of use
bulletComfortable U-shaped handle
bulletDurable rust-proof, injection-molded plastic and epoxy-coated steel parts
How to Use

Check the package of the product you’re using for the rate setting. Rotate the inner micrometer until the correct setting appears in the micrometer window. Fill the hopper on sidewalk or driveway (never on the lawn) and move to starting point on lawn.

Pull the lever until it stops against the handle grip, and start walking to initiate spreading. Release the lever to stop material flow. To avoid misses or heavy strips, make each pass 5 feet from the previous one (5 feet from centerline to centerline) since the swath is 3 feet wide, which allows for approximately 1 foot of overlap.

Operate the spreader the longest direction of the lawn. First apply two header strips across each end to provide turning space. Go back and forth between the ends. Shut off spreader when approaching header or trees. Turn off before coming to a complete stop. Keep the spreader off while backing or turning to avoid waste and possible lawn injury from over-application. Shut off spreader just before getting to the trunk of a tree, start spreader in motion on other side, then turn candontinue spreading.














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